a queer astronomer discovers a doomed planet.
a find your way short e-lit project about believing in something no one else wants to, to your own detriment.

[author's notes]

if you click around linearly, or only semi-randomly, you risk intercepting portions of the story without the context that many readers want to have to fully enjoy something. this is, of course, an intended feature of the format. if you want to maximise your own unique and personal enjoyment, however, try reading the entire front matter first and then clicking through on a link that piques your curiosity.

if you liked this, nice. let me know, or don't.

i completely forgot i wrote this years ago, and am publishing it now mostly as a test of formatting things in twine in anticipation of future projects. it can be clunky in places. the story isn't necessarily neat and satisfying, maybe some dialogue seems stilted or some prose feels flabby. depends on who you are and how you read through and probably the quality of writing you're used to. im not super interested in improving it further, but a previous me put enough effort into it to warrant putting it somewhere.

maybe someone will get something out of it.

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